Address / location in the signature is too long and cutted out


By Ola

updated 3 months ago

All fields in the signature have symbol limitations. If your address is too long, it can be cut out. 

To prevent your address from cutting out, follow these steps: 

Step 1.

Click Add custom field button to move your address from the Address field to a Custom field.

Step 2.

Enter the field's title to the left cell and your address to the right cell of the added –°ustom field.

Step 3.

Go to the Design tab and change the text's size by moving the slider left (so the address is in one field).

In case your address is very long so that it shifts the social icons, and they become hidden like on the screenshot below

try to divide the address in half and put it in two custom fields: 

As a result, your address will be located in two lines.

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