How to invite your team to manage their client's signatures?


By Iren

updated 6 months ago

After creating a company, are you wondering how to invite your team to manage the client's signatures and grant them admin rights with different access levels? This simple guide will help you with that:

Step 1.

Hover over your account name on the right upper side of the page and click the Settings button.

Step 2. 

Click the Account admin tab.

Step 3.

Next, click "+".

Step 4.

Fill in the name, email of the new admin and check permissions you want to grant for this person. 

The admin permissions are:

  • Create: add new companies and create new signatures.
  • Editmodify any managed companies and signatures. 
  • Send: send signatures to users.
  • Duplicate: clone signatures.
  • Delete: delete signatures.

Then click Add admin button to grant permissions.

Step 5.

Now admin permissions are granted.

If you need to remove admin permissions, click the trash icon near the admin's name to remove them.
If you need to add additional admin, click "+" button and repeat Steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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