By Iren

updated 7 months ago

1. How does the pricing work?

To access the Dashboard and manage email signatures, you should subscribe to our Agency Hub on an annual basis. For your first subscription payment, you'll get 3 signatures for free as a welcome bonus. If you need more than 3 signatures, you should buy additional signatures. The price for signatures is lifetime, which means that your customers' signatures will be active forever or until you delete them. Therefore, you don’t need a subscription like with other services.

2. Can I add more signatures to my account?

Yes, you can. To add more signatures to your account, please go to your Account Settings > click Upgrade tab > click Add signatures button.

3. What happens with signatures if I stop my subscription?

If your subscription expires or the payment method does not work, you won't have access to the dashboard and signatures management. However, all signatures created earlier will continue working on the client's end.

4. What happens to the signatures if I delete them from the Agency Hub dashboard?

As you delete the signature in our dashboard, it will immediately stop working on your client’s end.

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